Discover the technologies we use in our products.

To obtain the best product quality and technicity for our collection, we develop our own technologies and work with the best market leaders to design technical products for the highest requirements.

Find below the list of technologies we use on our whole collection.

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3D Stretch

3D Stretch technology is jam-packed with innovation and performance assets, it is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology with the expertise of Degré7.

Our 3D Stretch range benefits from the technical feat of a 4-way stretch construction which was made possible thanks to the association of different very extensible cutting-edge components in the membrane, the lining and the insulation fabrics.

Here is detailed explanation of the three elements that make 3D Stretch a revolutionary technology:

Climset® 4Way Stretch is a two-layer membrane exclusively developed for Degré7. Its outer fabric is made of polyamide and Spandex® abrasion and scratch resistant while extremely extensible, on which a highly breathable and hydrophobic PU coating has been added. It offers the best possible protection and comfort, even in the most extreme conditions.

The Spandex® elastane fibres used for Degré7 ultra light inner linings bring extended stretch performances. In addition, the Quickdry® processing of the fabric allows to control perspication keeping you dry all day long.

Degré7 3D Stretch jackets use the latest version of Primaloft® high range insulation techniques : Gold Active, 100% polyester microfiber. Waterproof, light, warm and breathable, this insulation fabric also has a 15% additional stretch capacity

Designed to meet the highest requirements, the Degré7 3D Stretch range offers protection, comfort and outstanding freedom of movement, making your clothing your greatest ally during your snowy adventures.

4 Way Stretch

This fabric composition mixing Polyamide and Elasthanne fibers is extremely resistant and stretch to guarantee the highest level of comfort and protection.

It's treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating to stay dry all day long.


This fabric mix provides an excellent compromise between elasticity and resistance to abrasion.

It's treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating to stay dry all day long.


Ultra-performing stretch coating membrane 20K/20K, the Climset fabric was developed by Degré7 to achieve the 3D Stretch technology designed by the brand.


High-performing coating membrane 15K/10K.


In order to guarantee its products benefit from unmatched warmth, Degré7 has selected Primaloft®, the world leader in the insulation market, as its partner.


Degré7 uses the Polartec® Power Stretch® technology and high-performing second layers in the 52° line.

Power Stretch® has the ability to keep the heat in without restraining the movement, while ensuring an optimal comfort.


Climerstretch by DEGRE7 is a stretch softshell fabric that provides enhanced freedom of movement and a high tensile strength.

Made of synthetic fibre, it dries very quickly and its brushed lining provides extra comfort and warmth.


Degré7’s Toudoux fabric consists of long external fibres that provide a silky feel, thereby combining elegance with extra warmth.


Used for first layer garments, Degré7’s Skindry fabric offers excellent moisture wicking characteristics for quick drying.

20K/20K Membrane

Highly waterproof and breathable, even in the most extreme conditions, the Degré7 20k/20k membrane is one of the highest-performance membranes on the market.

15K/10K Membrane

Our 15k/10k membrane is waterproof, breathable and windproof. It provides efficient protection and comfort in all weather conditions.

YKK Aquaguard Zips

The YKK Aquagard zips feature waterproof external laminated tape to provide the best protection in wet weather conditions.

YKK Zips

The entire Degré7 collection is fitted exclusively with zips made by YKK, the world’s leading slide fastener manufacturer, as they are renowned for their reliability and durability.

Fully taped

Applied on the inner seams of outerwear, this heat-sealed tape ensures that all fabric joins are fully waterproof and windproof.

This technology is used on the brand’s top of the range jackets.

Main taped

Applied over the main seams inside the garment, the thermally bonded tapes ensure water and windtightness between each fabric assembly.

This technology is used on the brand's entry level jackets.


The down jackets in the DEGRE7 collection use high quality duck down originating exclusively from the Pyrenees.

Our down is sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers who comply with the EDFA traceability standard.


Our hybrid construction blends together different fibres bringing together each structure’s advantages, such as warmth, elasticity and moisture wicking, in a single garment.

This technology can be found in the midlayers in the Degré7 collection.